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Korea Apartment
Korea Apartment
Come and experience authentic Korean traditions firsthand. On either side of this street you will find many antique shops, Korean paper goods shops, picture framing stores, Korean tea houses, Korean restaurants and much more. The street is closed on Sundays to all cars from 10am to 10pm so that various events such as traditional performances, traditional fairs, and Korean food festivals can be held

Subway : Jongno 3(sam)-ga stn.(line 1, 5 or 3), Anguk stn.(line 3)
Bus : 143, 150, 160, 161, 200, 260, 262, 270, 271, 300, 370, 400, 601, 705, 720, 0212
Telephone: +82 (0)2 778 6527
This store carries antiques from the 1900's onward which includes folklore arts and crafts. Antiques sold here are hand-picked collections of Korean and overseas origins. Its large inventory of rare items, including gramophones, kerosene lamps, ancient bank notes and coins, abacuses and vintage irons, draws many collectors and tourists who can spend a fascinating afternoon browsing through it all.

Open hours : 10 : 00 ~ 21 :00
Nearest Train : Jongno 3(sam)-ga Stn. (Line 1, Exit 3 ) or Anguk Stn. (Line 3, Exit 6 )
Category : art craft, antique

Korea Apartment
The 1st and 2nd levels of this five-story building features Korea's traditional apparel crafts and accessories as well as household crafts created by contemporary craft artists. The third floor showcases updated versions of traditional Korean furniture, redesigned to suit a modern lifestyle, and on the 4th floor are exhibited ancient works of art. Here visitors can view and purchase craftworks, househould items, ceramics and wooden furniture, each containing facets of Korea's art of living tramsmitted to present time

Open hours : 10 : 00 ~ 19 :00
Nearest Train : Jongno 3(sam)-ga Stn. (Line 1, Exit 3 ) or Anguk Stn. (Line 3, Exit 6 )
category : folk material
Tel : 02 733 4867

Souvenier Center
As you enter the building, you will notice many items found only in Korea. Indeed, the Korean spirit can be felt as you begin to walk around the store. Many traditional products like Korean dolls in display cases, wooden wedding ducks and key chains with the Korean flag on them are sold here. There is also a large selection of specially crafted items on sale. If you are looking for that special gift for someone or you want something to remember Korea by, this is definitely the place to go

Open hours : 10: 30 ~ 21: 30
Nearest Train : Dongdaemun Station-Lines 1,4
category : Traditional souvenirs, jewlery
Tel : 02 735 2235
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